Water is a scarce resource that we want to conserve by constructing the necessary infraestructure for transportation, treatment, storage and use.

Imathia Construcción has a wide range of professionals with a long career in hydraulic work such as supplies, sanitation, tanks, sewage, treatment plants, river beds conditioning, etc.


Environmental Rehabilitation of Snagov Lake, including the construction a Water Treatment Plant, Romania.

The project´s objetive is the cosntruction of a modern sewerage system in Snagov village area.

Works includes:

  • Construction of approx. 18 Km of 250 mm diameter, and approx. 13 Km of 400 gravity sewer pipes (including twice pipe jacking across the DJ 101 B road) plus costruction of new man rising main leading to a second holes and all ancillary works. The majority of this pipe laying will occur along the Snagov and Ghermanesti villages paved roads.
  • Intermediate pumping station construction, together with 775 m of 180 mm diameter pumping station. Construction of this second (final) pumping station, together with 4 Km of 400 mm rising main.
  • Design and cosntruction of a new waste water treatment plant, which sall comprise:

              - Screening

              - Grit removal

              - Acumulation, mixing and pre-aeration basin coupled with primary sedimentation compartment

              - Sewage pumping station

              - Biological treatment module

              - Air blowing station

              - Excess sludge acumulation/thickening basin

              - Thickened sludge pumping station

              - Sludge dehydration installation

              - Command and constrol module

              - All ancillary works

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Ministry of European Integration. PHARE Programe
Snagov. Romania

Construction Dates

13 May 2007-22 Nov 2009 (Completed)

Improvement of water supply to Huete and Valdemoro del Rey (Cuenca, Spain)

Operations include 31 Km of PVC pipe of differet pressures isntallation and their vents, drainages, valves, inspection chabers and manholes.

The main action for this conduction includes, the crossing under the Madrid-Cuenca railway, the stad with its pumping equipment, a camera break pressure and a new pressure regulating reservoir for the town of Huete, with capacity for 1000 m3.

These actions have improved the supplies to Huete quality and quantity.


Castilla la Mancha Public Works Department

Construction Dates

02 Apr 2007-25 Jul 2010 (Completed)

Water connection networks from Manzanares River and restoration of Dams 3 and 4

The project aims to allow the connection of water regenerated mains from the China and Viveros Waste Water Treatment Plants, by passing the river through the existing structure of Dam No. 4.

It also includes the restoration of the historic Dams No. 3 and 4 included in the catalog for the Protection of Madrid in order to adapt the Dams and its accesses to the current legislation on accessibility and removal of architectural barriers.The project seeks the renewal of Dams No. 3 and 4 to recover them as pedestrian walkways connecting the two existing boulevards Aniceto Marinas and Ribera del Manzanares.All technical requierements have been assumed and included in a formally consistent and renewed image, respectful with the original Manzanares River Dams.

The original board renewal and repair and the cleaning of decorative and functional elements allows an accurate image to the original, thus allowing the best conditions for public use while ensuring a regular accessibility to the water control structures of the river.The renovation on the left bank of the fishes scales, from consecutive deposits to a vertical crack, improves the functionality of the hydro-biological lift, while removing obstacles and leaving available for public use a large area currently occupied by impassable gratings, banisters and pinnacles of granite.

The project interprets the dam as a place to enjoy a proximity to water, either free surface flow or cascade, which is impossible to find on other bridges of the River.

These actions will allow to enhance sustainable urban mobility, save water and improve its management, as well as conserve and rehabilitate the heritage of the city.


Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Construction Dates

01 Apr 2010-02 Dec 2010 (Completed)