Imathia Construcción has a special vocation, commitment and interest in the railway world. This passion for the Railway sector is inherited from a long and successful proffesional track record of the company´s management team. This commitment has driven Imathia Construcción to take part in railway flagship projects at a Spanish and International level.

Currently Imathia Construcción offers a wide range of railway services, ranging from level-crossing removal, light railway lines, high-speed superstrustures, high-speed rail roadbed and subgrade and auxiliary railway works. Imathia Construcción is in the process of purchasing severai specialised track equipment such as a tumper machine, a regulator and a ballast distribution and profiling machine.



Civil works superstructure construction for the Haramain High Speed Line, between Mecca and Medina. Including the maintenance for a period of 12 years.

The consortium, known as Al Shoula Group, is made up of twelve Spanish companies: Imathia Construcción, Adif, Renfe, Talgo, Indra, Dimetronic, Cobra, Inabensa, Copasa, OHL, Consultrans, Ineco and two Saudi Arabian companies, Al Shoula and Al Rosan. 

This award is further demonstration that Spanish engineering is at the highest level in the world and that the Spanish high speed model is an example of excellence exportable to other countries. 

The project involves the construction of the high speed railway line between the cities Mecca and Medina with a 450 Km length of double track for speeds of up to 320 km/hour. The line will have stations in Mecca, Jeddah, the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), the King Abdulaziz international airport and the city of Medina.

Imathia Construcción is responsible for:

  • Contruction of 450 km track 
  • Build four work bases, three of these will be left for maintenance once operation line starts
  • Implement an effective sand mitigtion approach to keep the sand out the track.

After the construction period Imathia Construcción and Copasa will have to carry out the line infrastructure maintenance for a period of 12 years.





Saudi Arabia

Construction Dates

12 Oct 2012-01 Apr 2027 (In Progress)

Completion Time

11 years, 3 weeks, 1 days

Light Railway Line construction in Granada between Maracena and Villarejo

The project includes the necessary performance to execute Light Railway Line infraestructure and superstructure.

The works includes earthworks, utility diversion  (gas, low voltage, sewer, water, etc.), preparing platform, slab track, paving the station and the utilities istallation.

It also inlcudes several underpasses, one of them using the "Cut and Cover" technique.


Andalusian Railways Company

Construction Dates

01 Jun 2010-09 Dec 2012 (Completed)

Platform construction. High Speed Line Antequera-Granada. Section: Bobadilla Node (Antequera). Phase II.

The section Bobadilla Node has  6.15 km length and runs through the town of Antequera, in Málaga province. 

The proposed works involves the implementation of High Speed Line Antequera-Granada´s platform.In this section there are junctions that allow the connection between Málaga and Granada at High Speed line. 

The project includes the necessary actions for the implementation of infrastructure works such as earthworks, drainage, structures, replacement of services and easements, and a cross connection to ensure line road permeability.

Key elements: Bridge over Córdoba-Málaga High Speed Line and  258 m. Viaduct over the Arroyo de Las Lomas


Spanish Railways Infrastructures Authority
Antequera (Málaga)

Construction Dates

12 Dec 2010-12 Dec 2012 (Completed)

Roadbed construction for the High Speed Line Madrid-Galicia. Section: O Cañizo Tunnel. Right Track

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This project consists in the platform construction of a stretch of 6.64 Km of new High Speed railway line Madrid-Galicia, in the section O Cañizo Tunnel. Right track.

Key facts: 66.87% of the length of path is disposed in tunnel and 1.25% in the surface, leaving the remaining length of 31.87% for the cosntruction of the station "Puerta de Galicia"

Proyected tunnel characteristics are: 55372.219 m tunnel on right track, located in the municipal area of A Gudiña between Km Points 200+249,389 and 205+621,608



Ministerio de Fomento -ADIF
Ourense (Galicia)

Construction Dates

10 Feb 2012-11 Feb 2015 (In Progress)

Tarragona-Barcelona-France Line. Km. Points 157+530 and 157+630 level crossing removal and construction of two pedestrian underpasses in Km. Points 157+495 and 157+630 and an underpass for vehicles. Municipality of Sant Celoni



The project goal is the removal of two level corssings in the municipality of Sant Celoni (Barcelona) an replacing three underpasses, two pedestrians and a third that will allow both the passage of vehicles and pedestrians

More detailed track works may include:

  • Updating of sleepers
  • Temporary beams and track supports installation and retrieval
  • Excavation under tracks
  • Installation of ballast
  • Installation and tretrieval of track supports
  • Fist levelling
  • Alignment and profiling of track
  • Second levelling
  • Dynamic stabilization







Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección Gral. de Ferrocarriles

Construction Dates

03 Aug 2008-22 Mar 2011 (Completed)