Imathia Construction has carried out work of great importance of roads, since the construction of new roads and motorways to duplicate or improve existing ones, leading to the preservation and maintenance as a result of the above. These works can be relatively simple in flat or can have enormous technical difficulties in mountainous areas, which requires the execution of large structures and tunnels. Imathia Construction, aware of the need for all types of performances, has the authority and ability to run from simple packaging to complex urban stretches of motorway.


Motorway enlargement, motorway A-30 in Murcia, construction of the third lane carriageway between Murcia and the Puerto de la Cadena.

The works consist in expanding platform in the A-30, in the urban section of Murcia, between Murcia and Murcia Centro Norte ladder tracks, in order to incorporate a third rail along this section.

For expanding the highway has been necessary to set back the pile Station Bridge, which crosses perpendicularly through the new transfer system loads the old piles to new construction, minimizing conditions and demolitions that have caused the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of the entire structure.

In the section on the Malecon viaduct structure has made the two independent unions structures of each road, enabling the gap for new lane between them, thus increasing for it the number of piles.

As a complementary action has urbanized the service road along the entire stretch.

All work has been done without affecting the highway traffic at any time during the day.


Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección Gral. de Carreteras

Construction Dates

25 Jun 2009-26 Apr 2011 (Completed)

Motorway improvements. Foreslopping and inslope improvements in the A-2 Motorway, between Km Points 70+800 and 139+634, in both directions.


The pronect´s objetive is the ditches lining with mass conscrete in median and foot slope at different points, located between Km. Points 70+800 and 139+634 of the A-2, in Guadalajara province. The works includes the following activities:
  • Topographical works.
  • Clear, clearing and shaping the land.
  • Execution of ditches lined with machine. Concrete works.
  • Execution of manual lined ditches. Masonry.
  • Placement and removal of temporary signs of work.



Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección Gral. de Carreteras
Madrid / Castilla la Mancha

Construction Dates

24 Jan 2006-11 Apr 2007 (Completed)

Road repair and improvement from Valsequillo (Córdoba) to Monterrubio de La Serena (Badajoz). Spain

The words include earthworks, new access roads and transversal drainage, design a dual carriageway (inluding berms), installation of safety barriers, lighting and a roundabourt construction.


Andalusian Infrastructures Authority
Córdoba and Badajoz

Construction Dates

05 Nov 2007-23 Sep 2009 (Completed)

Road Safety. Accesses redesign. N-432 from Badajoz to Granada, Km. Points 190+000 to 224+200. Section: Peñarroya-Bélmez.

The executed works consists of creating a new service road on both sides and in different sections of the National Road 432, between Bélmez and Peñarroya.And existing underpass is used to communicate both service roads avoiding a level crossing with the main road. The new traffic service roads are regulated by three new roundabouts.Pevious performances includes the services affected diversion, earthworks required, the transverse and longitudinal drainage, the execution of the roadbeds layers, the asphalt and the horizontal and vertical signage.


Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección Gral. de Carreteras
Bélmez (Córdoba)

Construction Dates

31 Jul 2008-30 Sep 2009 (Completed)

Road safety. Accesses redesign. N-432 from Badajoz to Granada, P.K. 190+000 to 224+200. Section: Peñarroya-Bélmez. Bélmez-Espiel turnoff (Córdoba). Spain.

The works carried out include the creation of new service roads on both sides and in different sections of the national highway N-432, between Belmonez and Peñarroya. It uses an underpass to communicate both existing service roads to avoid a level crossing with the main road. The traffic of the new service road, in additions to the national highway, is regulated by three new roundabouts. Also improved access to various businesses located along the road have been constructed. The above mentioned activities include the diversion of services affected by the works, the earthworks required for new subgrading, drainage both corss and longitudinal drainage, laying the subbase, the asphalt, provisional and final signalling both horizaontal and vertical.- 


Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección Gral. de Carreteras
Badajoz y Granada

Construction Dates

25 Jan 2007-30 Sep 2007 (Completed)

Road Safety. Intersection Remodeling in the N-320, Km. Points 277 +000 278 +000. Section: access to Guadalajara

The aim is to improve road safety section in the N-320 between Km. Point 277+000 and the highway entry to Guadalajara in the connection to A-2, further complicated by the existence of an intersection at the same level with other vials of urban character, for access to installation in the area, suh as a hospital, sports facilites, etc.

Actions carried out:

  • Modification of grade line
  • Structures
  • Roadbed
  • Drainage
  • Singaling and beaconing
  • Affected services replacement


Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección Gral. de Carreteras

Construction Dates

18 May 2008-16 Apr 2009 (Completed)